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Welcome to LIFEuphoria

Our trip has started: check out where we are right now

This website is dedicated to long distance cyclists, environmentally friendly people and photo lovers.

This Project is called - LIFE (Living In Full Euphoria) cycling Australia to create Life. In this event we - Nick Scaife, Jimmy McGee, Markus Schorn and Tommy Gurr - will cycle Australia of 18,000 KMs to raise awareness of global warming and the effects it is having on our planet. While taking pictures and videos every step of the way to show how beautiful Australia really is and what we need to do to protect it.

We have made an agreement with a charity organisation called Greenfleet, an Australian based charity who tackle climate change through planting trees to undo the damage we as people are creating. Greenfleet have agreed that if our effort to raise 35,000 AUD (25,000 Euros) is achieved they will plant 8,000! trees. That is just 4,5 AUD (3 Euros) per tree!!! Not only that but we will do some vol work around Australia for Greenfleet while on our cycle journey.

what's new?

Meeting the mayor
When staying in Port Hedland we could meet another mayor: Kelly Howlett.
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Massive media boost
The start of our epic cycle ride has boosted our media presence in Australia!
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Come to our starting point
We're looking forward to starting the adventure in less than two days now! Come to our starting point to wish us good luck!
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